Do you need
What we have
  • a ‘licence to grow’
  • less complaints from local communities
  • reduction in cost for stakeholder management
  • cooperation and trust from the surrounding community
  • dialogue outside the courtroom
  • effective communication about noise measures
  • counterweight against ‘fake’ stories about aircraft noise
  • a connected and informed community that understands the possibilities and (noise) impact of flight procedures
  • A more structured approach to community engagement
  • objective and understandable information about noise
  • fully immersive Virtual Reality noise simulations
  • short-term aircraft noise predictions via mobile applications
  • weather-based predictions of future runway allocation
  • validation and second opinion regarding data and noise modelling

Related Issues

  • Aircraft noise predictions
  • Community trust
  • Noise impact of flight procedures
  • Public engagement
  • Runway allocation predictions
  • Second opinion on noise modelling
  • Stakeholder dialogue
  • Stakeholder management