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What we have
  • To use an objective source to support your runway system selection?
  • Help forecasting your runway usage up to 30 hours in advance?
  • Advice on runway allocation using weather forecast, maintenance planning, Preferred Runway System (PRS) and even more parameters?
  • To have a capability of explaining deviations in your runway selection choices?
  • To have an independent source that generates reports concerning your airport runway allocation deviations?
  • To Support Air traffic supervisors and Air traffic controllers selecting runways, for example, during high workload situations
  • To have a reporting capability that increases transparency related to airport noise complaints?
  • To equally distribute your airport noise on the surrounding?
  • To have a better relationship with the surrounding and the communities when it comes to noise disturbance and noise complaints?
  • To have a team of experts supporting your purchase for life?

A Runway Allocation Suite, which includes customer-tailored building blocks for advising on runway selection, forecasting runway alteration up to 30 hours in advance and reporting runway allocation deviation & noise distribution.

With the Runway Allocation Suite you will get:

  • An objective method that supports runway selection
  • Up to 30 hours in advance runway usage forecast
  • A tool using and visualizing different decision making parameters and motivations in a customer-tailored GUI
  • An independent reporting mechanism for airport runway usage deviation and noise accountancy
  • An application forecasting air traffic noise around an airport
  • A team of experts working to meet your requirement before, during and after implementation

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