Do you need
What we have

To flight test your application, but think that

  • the big aircraft have become too expensive?
  • the large test facilities have become too complex and rigid?
  • while being reluctant to choose a relatively small test facility as you think that it may not be a professional organisation
  • have enough experience and expertise
  • handle flight test safety well
  • operate in my part of the world
  • flexible and affordable flight test services due to unique facility in terms of organisation and size
  • a flight test facility that represents over 90 years of experience in the business
  • an experienced team of experts consisting of qualified people over entire range of flight test disciplines who always stand close and next to our customers
  • an adapted Cessna Citation II research aircraft which can be modified to your needs
  • access to both smaller and larger test aircraft via partnerships, so that you always have the ‘best size and price’
  • a design organisation which is based on Part 21
  • a proven safety framework within which we have performed
    • flight tests ranging from routine to high risk
    • in different parts of the world including cold/hot weather areas and remote locations

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