Do you need
What we have
  • Flight validations of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures?
  • Support in developing new PBN procedures?
  • Capabilities to assess new requirements on Flight Procedures?
  • More Understanding of PBN procedures?
  • Several years of experience in (PBN) Flight Procedures Evaluations
  • NLR pilots are qualified and licenced Flight Validation Pilots (ANI certificate)
  • NLR can perform a Flight Validation of PBN procedures based on the requirements stated in ICAO Doc 9906 Volume 5
  • Flight validations can be performed for all types of RNAV approach: RNAV using conventional or GNSS sensors, LPV, LPV-200, LNAV/VNAV or LNAV approaches, APV BaroNAV or SBAS vertical path references, SBAS (EGNOS) or GBAS augmentation, and RNAV(RNP) AR procedures
  • Validation flights performed with NLR’s Citation II C550 laboratory aircraft, equipped with a Universal 1Fw FMS and equipment to measure signal quality
  • Validation normally performed using the Doc 9906 Manual Entry procedure, or on request using a customized or regular database. The results will be documented in a Flight Validation Report that is compliant with Doc. 9906
  • Capabilities to evaluate New Routes, or (SID, STAR, Enroute) Route Segments for ANSPs
  • Know-how on IAPs, SIDs and STARS
  • Experience with Requirements for Flight Procedures
  • Experience with ICAO PANS-OPS criteria and compliance aspects, like for ICAO Doc 8168-OPS/611, Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Aircraft, Operations Volume II, Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures (PANS-OPS Vol II)
  • An experienced team of pilots, flight inspectors and planners
  • Capabilities to perform both Flight Test and Full Motion Flight Simulation Validations
  • Experience with efficient data gathering, data-analysis and data reporting
  • Quality assurance and quality control processes executed under ISO 9001