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The growth of traffic (or any change in your operation) could raise the question, whether the manning concept is future-proof. The number of ATCos and the division of roles between ATCos and between ATCos and automation should be safe, efficient, and satisfying. For example, the workload for the ATCo should not be too high (or too low).

So the question is: Is your staffing concept sustainable?

Depending on the operation and the specific question, we tailor our approach. This could incorporate modelling the workflow by means of interviews, observations and/or measurements in the actual operation. By means of real-time simulations with increased levels of traffic we can stress-test the current operation or test a new manning concept with different distribution of roles. This provides insights in the bottlenecks of the concept as well as the issues for improvement.

The measurement techniques we apply consist of a combination of objective and subjective data. Think of workload in terms of e.g. the radio frequency load, heart rate and subjective ratings made by the ATCos. We correlate performance data, bio-data and subjective ratings in order to build a strong fundament for decision making.

Our method and facilities allow you to objectively verify or validate (new) staffing concepts and identify directions for improvement, ensuring a sustainable staffing solution.

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