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Do you need to evaluate or improve your State Safety Programme?

ICAO standards place a responsibility on ICAO Contracting States to have a State Safety Programme (SSP). An SSP is a management system for the management of safety by the State, and consists of an integrated set of regulations and activities aimed at improving safety. An SSP enables a State to adapt to changes and continuously improve safety in the air transport system.

An SSP is a prerequisite for the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS) by service providers. It helps a State to establish and achieve an acceptable level of safety performance. A well-designed SSP enables a shift towards a more performance based environment where regulations are used as safety risk controls. A Sate needs a state-of-the-art SSP to get ahead of safety risks through the development of safety management capabilities within the State, rather than waiting for accidents, incidents or events of non-compliance.

NLR’s Safety Institute supports the assessment a State Safety Programme, its design, the organization, resources and procedures, and the development of specific elements such as safety policies, safety performance monitoring, and safety assurance.

For several customers we have put our expertise to the test, for instance:

  • We have closely worked together with the Dutch government to develop their SSP
  • We advised the CAA Singapore on the Safety Performance Indicators to use.

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