Future Aircraft Design and Noise Impact

22nd Workshop of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the CEAS

6 – 7 September 2018
Netherlands Aerospace Centre – Amsterdam

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Thursday 6 September 2018

08:30 Welcome and registration
09:00 Opening
09:15 Keynote 1 Lothar Bertsch
10 years of joint research at DLR and TU Braunschweig toward low-noise aircraft design – what did we achieve?
Session 1 Aircraft Noise Annoyance: analysis Chair: Oleksandr Zaporozhets
10:00 p1 Victor Sparrow, Michelle Vigeant, Mathias Basner, David Lee
Overview of aviation noise impacts and the recent work of CAEP’s Impacts and Science Group
10:20 p2 Ulf Tengzelius
SAFT – Simulation of atmosphere and Air traffic, For a quieter environmenT
10:40 p3 Elena Narcisa Burtea, Dan Radulescu, Marius Deaconu
Defining non-acoustical factors. Multidisciplinary focus
11:00 p4 Rebecca Cointin, James Hileman
Addressing Aircraft Noise in the United States: Part I Understanding the Issues
11:20 lunch
14:00 Keynote 2 Russell Thomas
Realizing NASA’s Vision for Low Noise Subsonic Transport Aircraft
Session 2 Aircraft Noise Annoyance: management Chair: Christoph Zellmann
14:45 p5 James Hileman
Addressing Aircraft Noise in the United States: Part II Mitigation Solution Development
15:05 p6 Oleksandr Zaporozhets, Volodymyr Isaienko, Kateryna Synylo, L.Campos, Joana Soares
PARE preliminary analysis of ACARE Challenge 3 environmental impact goals
15:25 p7 Constantin Sandu, Marius Deaconu, Valentin Silivestru, Cristian Olariu
Technology for Reduction of Annoyance Caused by Aircraft in Cities
15:45 break
16:15 p8 Elena Narcisa Burtea, Dan Radulescu, Marius Deaconu
AHP applications to Noise Management
16:35 p9 Elena Narcisa Burtea, Dan Radulescu, Marius Deaconu
Barriers in communication in Noise Managenent
Session 3 Supersonic transport Chair: Umberto Lemma
16:55 p10 V.Kopiev, Yu. Medvedev, B. Zamtfort, V. Samokhin, G. Faranosov
Compliance with Environmental Standards for Novel SST with Consideration of Jet Noise as a Dominant Source
17:15 p11 Artur Mirzoyan, Iurii Khaletskii
Potentialities of Noise Reduction Using Low Noise Takeoff Thrust Management for Advanced Small and Medium Supersonic Civil Aeroplanes
18:30 Workshop Dinner

Friday 7 September 2018

08:30 Keynote 3 I. Legriffon, L. Sanders
Single Event Noise Prediction at ONERA – Case of aircraft powered by contra-rotating open rotors
Session 4 Novel architectures Chair: Karsten Knobloch
09:15 p12 G. Romani, Y. Qingqing, F. Avallone, D. Casalin
Simulation of Boundary Layer Ingestion Noise for NOVA Aircraft Configuration
09:35 p13 U. Iemma, L. Burghignoli, F. Centracchio, M. Rossetti
Metamodels based on deterministic and stochastic radial basis functions for engine noise shielding of innovative aircraft
09:55 p14 Ian Clark, Russell Thomas, Yueping Guo
Noise Reduction Approaches for the NASA D8 Subsonic Transport Concept
10:15 p15 Ulf Tapken
Fan noise due to boundary layer ingestion in novel aircraft architectures
10:35 break
Session 5 Single event: impact Chair: Ingrid LeGriffon
11:05 p16 Thijs Bouwhuis, Harry Brouwer, Sander Heblij, Mirjam Snellen, Dick Simons
Auralization of Propeller Fly-over Noise Using Open Jet Wind Tunnel Test Data
11:25 p17 Antonio Torija, Rod Self, Jack Lawrence
Impact assessment of aircraft noise with high content in complex tones
11:45 p18 Mark Jan van der Meulen, Harry Brouwer, Marthijn Tuinstra, Kylie Knepper
From wind tunnel data to noise impact assessment
12:05 lunch
Session 6 Noise reduction technology Chair: Mirjam Snellen
13:30 p19 Constantin Sandu, Marius Deaconu, Valentin Silivestru, Cristian Olariu
Reapplying of the Corrugated Skin Used at Junkers Aircraft’s Wings and Fuselage in Manufacturing of the Future BLI/Electric European Aircraft for Noise Reduction and Performance Improvement
13:50 p20 Marius Deaconu, Constantin Sandu,  Valentin Silivestru
Applying of  Schroder Type Diffusers Combined with Perforated Sheet and  Advanced Architecture Materials for Noise Reduction/ Diffusing
14:10 p21 Jason June, Russell Thomas
Propulsion Airframe Aeroacoustic Integration Effects and Enhancement Strategies Using Acoustic Liners
14:30 p22 Patrick Okolo, Eleonora Neri, Cristina Paduano, Gareth Bennett
An improved noise reduction modelling approach for woven wire mesh screens applied to aircraft landing gears
14:50 break
Session 7 Single event: sources Chair: Gareth Bennett
15:20 p23 Eleonora Neri, Patrick Okolo, Cristina Paduano, John Kennedy, Gareth Bennett
Characterisation and Reduction of Aircraft Landing Gear Noise
16:00 p24 Leandro Rego, Francesco Avallone, Daniele Ragni, Damiano Casalino, Mirjam Snellen, Wouter van der Velden
Lattice-Boltzmann Computations of Jet-Installation Noise
16:20 p25 Yueping Guo, Russell Thomas
On Aircraft Trailing Edge Noise
Scientific Committee
  • Chair:
    • Harry Brouwer, NLR, The Netherlands
  • Members:
    • Dominique Collin, Safran, France
    • Oleksandr Zaporozhets, NAU, Ukrain
    • Uwe Müller, DLR, Germany
    • Umberto Iemma, Università Roma Tre, Italy
    • Ingrid LeGriffon, ONERA, France
    • Mirjam Snellen, TUD, The Netherlands
    • Gareth Bennett, TCD, Ireland
    • Karsten Knobloch, DLR, Germany
    • Hans Bodén, KTH, Sweden
    • Christoph Zellmann, EMPA, Switzerland
    • Michael Arntzen, Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No [769627]