Composite Manufacturing Technologies

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and InnovateUK, in cooperation with UK Enterprise Europe Network, Knowledge Transfer Network and the UK Department of Business Innovation & Skills, are pleased to invite you to participate in the Anglo-Dutch Brokerage Event on 23rd of March in The Hague.

Nanotechnologies & Advanced Materials (N&M) is part of Horizon 2020, addressing innovations across a range of sectors. Recently, the work program NMBP 2016-2017 is published, with wide variety of topics covering the area’s listed above. The goal is to facilitate Research and Innovation to strengthen Europe’s industrial capacities and business perspectives, including Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). International cooperation and collaboration with the right partner is key to success.

UK and the Netherlands are both highly successful in the N&M calls. Nonetheless, the number of projects involving companies from both countries is limited. Therefore, the intention is to bring companies and research organizations from the UK and the Netherlands together to create long term cooperation between them. On one hand, it will make companies and research organizations from both countries easier to find the right partner, and on the other hand, the created synergy will result into even higher success rates. This will benefit both countries, because UK and the Netherlands are a great fit as they share an innovative culture which both seeks to find the best technical and socially smart solutions possible.

In order to prepare for the calls in 2017 and future work programs, companies and research organizations from both countries are invited to attend the Anglo-Dutch Brokerage Event on 23rd of March 2016 in The Hague. Next to numerous match making and networking opportunities, the day will also offer insights from successful project owners how to form the right consortium.

Are you planning to participate in N&M calls and are you looking for the right partner? Then, this event is meant for you. Start registering today. This Networking and Brokerage event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities, researchers and public sector representatives from the Netherlands and UK interested in sharing knowledge, experiences and finding collaboration.

Main topics

  • Nanotechnologies
  • Advanced Materials
  • Fast Track To Innovation


  • Opening by Director International Progammes, Bas Pulles
  • Keynote Speaker from UK: Dr Paul Reip, Intrinsiq Materials
  • Keynote Speaker from NL:
  • Business meetings
  • Breakout sessions
  • Networking

Why to participate

  • Get in touch with representatives from innovative companies, universities and research organizations to discover opportunities in the field of new materials.
  • Participate in breakout sessions and Share knowlegde, experiences and explore cooperation possibilities.
  • Initiate cross-border collaborations during matchmaking.