Construction of NLR’s new buildings Flevoland

Construction on the NLR’s new building complex will commence in March 2016

The contract for construction of the new complex was signed on 4 February, in Marknesse. Friso B.V., a construction company based in Sneek, The Netherlands, won the European tender procedure.

Following completion of the new building in Flevoland, NLR employees will enjoy a working environment that adheres to all current standards for energy management and sustainability, including thermal storage and a composite façade. This modern and sustainable complex reflects the high-tech and application-focused research work conducted by the approximately 300 employees at NLR Marknesse. In the new NLR buildings , physical and visual connections are established between the various sections of the buildings, allowing for new ways of working that allow NLR to better meet the needs of corporations, the government and SME.

18,000 m²
The new building complex, spanning some 18,000 m², consists of a main building, including an auditorium and restaurant, and three office buildings. A corridor, centrally situated, will connect the buildings and seven research halls on the site.  The buildings will feature a characteristic ‘arched’ roof, just like the NLR buildings in Amsterdam. The new complex will open in 2017.