Signing of MoU Embraer and NLROn Wednesday 4 June 2014, Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer and NLR extended a previously concluded Memorandum of Understanding on collaboration in the area of research and development. The MoU was signed at Embraer’s headquarters in Brazil, in the presence of Nelson Salgado, Vice President of Embraer; Bertholt Leeftink, Director-General of Enterprise and Innovation at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs; Michel Peters, the CEO of NLR; and representatives of Dutch industry and universities. Under the extended MoU, NLR and Embraer will set up new research projects in such areas as new materials, cockpit technology, system development and aerodynamics. These projects will help to further strengthen the Dutch industry’s position in Embraer’s aircraft programmes.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs expressed support for the new MoU. Director-General Bertholt Leeftink commented: ‘I am very impressed by what Embraer has shown us today. Opportunities for further collaboration with Embraer will be enhanced thanks to the advanced technology developed by Dutch universities, research institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, and industry.’

Embraer and NLR are long-time collaborators. The Brazilian manufacturer tested several of its aircraft prototypes using models produced by NLR. The tests were performed in the wind tunnels of DNW. In performing the wind tunnel tests, Embraer made use of NLR’s extensive expertise in aerodynamics and the development and production of wind tunnel models.