NLR Virtual Reality Room (VROOM) makes successful landing

‘At ¼ check 125, over to Paddles’ . With this instruction the Helicopter Direction Officer hands over the helicopter to the Flight Deck Officer who effortlessly puts the helicopter on deck.


With the introduction of the ‘Flight Deck Officer showcase’, the NLR Virtual Reality Room (VROOM) makes another big step towards becoming a mature and versatile platform. In the newest showcase, it is possible for the Flight Deck Officer to interact with a helicopter from the deck of a ship in Virtual Reality (VR). The Flight Deck Officer can, by means of arm movement, direct the helicopter towards the helideck; even under challenging sea states. Because VROOM and the NLR helicopter simulator HPS are linked, both participants can see and interact with each other in real time.

VROOM is an independent platform where a range of environments can be presented to participants using Virtual Reality. By using Motion Capture techniques, also used in the film industry, the movements of the participants are translated into the virtual world. This allows the user to interact with the virtual world and other users in a true-to-life manner. VROOM is pre-eminently suited to be linked to different simulations where true-to-life interaction is important.

VROOM was born out of the desire to not only offer a simulated world to the helicopter pilot, but to also allow human interaction with other users. In the current configuration, VROOM is representing a virtual world for a Flight Deck Officer, but many more configurations are possible. These are currently under development.

For more information about VROOM and its possible applications, please contact
Paul Kuiper - +31885113721 or
Christopher Roos - +31885113632