At the World Expo in Shanghai, the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG) has organised a symposium on ‘Aerospace expertise in the Netherlands’. NLR gave a presentation on the use of composites in the aerospace industry in the Netherlands.

Because of the increasing cooperation between the Chinese and Netherlands aerospace sector and on the occasion of the Dutch contribution to the World Expo, the symposium is held.

The symposium aimed to highlight specific, innovative aerospace technologies and methods which are used in the aviation industry.

Representatives of the NAG, COMAC, DNW, ADSE, Landing Gear Fokker and NLR gave a presentation. NLR’s contribution was about composite activities for aerospace in the Netherlands. Key element were automated composites manufacturing and thermoplastic applications.

On the same day, was also a Geomatics Seminar at the World Expo (with former director Fred Abbink as chairman). A representative of the Geomatics Business Park (GBP) held a presentation.