International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing

On 6-7 October 2010 the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in Marknesse, The Netherlands will be the host of the 5th International Symposium on Composites Manufacturing (ISCM). ISCM is a biennial event organised by NLR and the German Aerospace Center DLR who act as alternate hosts.

ISCM aims to present and discuss recent developments in composites manufacturing for aerospace and related applications. The goal of ISCM is to be a platform for exchange of ideas between experts in their field and to look at new developments, especially  in the field of the automation of composites manufacturing. This year the main focus will be on “Entering the next decade in composites manufacturing”.

Presentations involve analysis of emerging issues in composites manufacturing, the state of the art and discussion on the developments that will shape the near future of composites development.

Over the years, ISCM proved an event with much technological discussion and exchange of ideas. To continue this tradition, presentations will focus on current developments in composites manufacturing technology and emerging issues.

For more information and participation please contact the
organising committee:
National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
Structures Technology Department