C-series flap track endurance test

The National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in the Netherlands has been contracted by the Belgian manufacturer ASCO Industries to conduct a full scale endurance test programme on the Bombardier C-series flap tracks.

This certification test programme marks a major step in testing capabilities at NLR. It features state-of-the-art hydraulic control which is used to apply flight representative loads as a function of the position of the carriages that are used to move the flaps. For this purpose six hydraulic actuators control both the orientation and the loading of a dummy flap segment that is connected to each of the carriages. The carriage position is controlled by an electric servo motor which drives the flight gear box. A significant part of the test is performed at -55 °C. The cooling is done with liquid nitrogen. NLR has much experience with this cooling concept, but its application in a full scale endurance test is a world first.

In spring this year, NLR completed the first 12000 flight cycles to meet the requirements for safety of flight and first flight and contributed to the successful first flight of the Cseries on Monday 16 September 2013. The test program will be completed by mid-2014.

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C-series flap track testing

C-series flap track endurance test