Which services does the facility offer

During military operations, fighter aircraft usually operate in in teams of two or more. The NLR Fighter 4-Ship (F4S), located at a Netherlands Airforce Base, is a reconfigurable, mobile multi-ship tactical simulation environment. F4S supports the complete operational mission cycle from planning to debrief. F4S can be used by air crews to Improve Distributed Mission Training (DMT) training, enhance team tactics and perform Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E). Typical CD&E exercises can be conducted for assessing e.g. new Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) symbology,

Who can benefit from these services

Military operators, Royal Netherlands Airforce.

How to get access to the facility

You can get access to the simulation facilities through an agreement with NLR. You will find the contact info on the right.

Detailed description of the facilities

The system reconfigurable and mobile system is based on a tube-frame mock-up approach for upto four ship sets applying Distributed Mission Simulation (DMS) technology. Cockpit / display layout is based on the F16 fighter aircraft. The crews can operate their ships in complex and realistic mission scenarios and environment simulations. Smart Bandits (virtual opponents) enhance the fidelity of the tactical environment since they show intelligent human behaviour. These Computer Generated Forces (CGF) have been designed to conduct team coordination tasks based on tactical situations. The Airpower Simulation capability also provides means to easily interoperate with a large variety of simulators across the world.