Which services does the facility offer

High performance computing HPC is a prerequisite for a large range of activities, being it aerodynamic design studies or aircraft mission analyses. HPC, through a combination of processing and storage capacity, is used to build simulation models of complex phenomena requiring large and fast computing capabilities. NLR uses HPC to analyze system behavior, support the multi-disciplinary design and optimization of aircraft (components) and to streamline their operations.

The NLR HPC environment consists of an SGI Altix cluster computer and a simulation capacity covering computational mesh generating tools (ENGRID), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational Aero-Elastics (CAE), Computational Aero-Acoustics (CAA), Computational Electro Magnetics (CEM) and Radar Cross Section (RCS) analysis codes.

Who can benefit from these services

Aircraft (system) suppliers, military aircraft operators.

How to get access to the facility

You can get access to the HPC services through an agreement with NLR. You will find the contact info on the right.

Detailed description of the facility and its applications

  • ENFLOW: in-house developed CFD method of NLR, based on a structured multiblock grid approach. It consists of ENSOLV, a time-dependent Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes flow solver, ENDOMO, being the domain modeller and ENGRID used for generating computational grids. ENGRID is a structured multi-block grid generation method based on a Cartesian block decomposition technique.
  • eCFD: remote CFD service (https://ecfd.nlr.nl/)