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  • To be confident that your Fuel Efficiency Programme is on par with the best performing airlines?
  • To optimise your Fuel Efficiency Programme using the latest insights in Fuel Efficiency?
  • A thorough and comprehensive review of your Fuel Efficiency Programme to ensure that it is achieving what is realistically feasible?

The most comprehensive support for your Fuel Efficiency Programme.
We follow a proven, modular approach to assess the remaining potential of your Fuel Efficiency Programme and to help you implement the most promising initiatives.

  • Benchmark – Compare your performance against that of more than 60 airlines with 70 different aircraft types, and find out what the remaining potential is.  More…
  • Gap Analysis – Identify which of over 70 fuel saving initiatives could be introduced or optimised to achieve the potential savings. More…
  • Organisational Assessment – Reveal any weaknesses in the capability of your organisation to deliver on your investment in Fuel Efficiency. More…
  • Business Case – Create a Business Case to take the guesswork out of your Fuel Efficiency decisions. More…
  • Implementation Support – Implement measures and assess compliance and effectiveness. More…

Our modular approach gives you the opportunity to proceed with the next step only if the expected benefits still justify the effort. And it allows us to tailor the project to your specific needs and wishes. Of course, each element of our approach can be conducted as a separate project.

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