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The final Step 5 is the implementation of selected initiatives. This phase is critical for realising the benefits of the selected initiatives.

Many airlines however, particularly the small and medium companies, but also the ones with very lean organizations, find it difficult to run projects effectively. In airlines, everything is geared towards delivering the operational service, and the resources available for ‘special’ projects are limited. Airline project managers often run the projects on a part-time basis, with their priorities always on the production part of the job. In addition, project managers are not always experienced in managing projects. The specialized knowledge sometimes needed, for example on regulatory matters, performance analysis, safety assessment techniques, and in-depth analyses of flight data beyond what COTS tools can offer, is not always available. All too often, projects starting off with lots of promise and great enthusiasm, encounter serious delay and deliver only part of the expected benefits.

NLR provides technical support and implementation managers to help ensure success during this critical phase. The activities in this step include:

  • Design of the implementation process (training, communication, procedures)
  • Definition of suitable Performance Indicators (PI’s)
  • Project management
  • Assessment of the effectiveness (monitor PI’s)