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What we have
  • Understand or solve complex flight operational issues
  • Get more information from your flight data
  • Analyse your flight data integrated with other data sources
  • Insight in factors behind the FDM/FOQA results
  • Data driven risk assessment
  • Airline fuel efficiency improvement

Analysis of flight data is an important part of safety assurance. Therefore many operators monitor their day to day flight operations for any exceedances and take the necessary steps to mitigate any negative trends or risks identified.

Commercial off-the-shelf software is available to assist the operators in flight data monitoring. However, these tools cannot always help the operators when they need to analyse more complex flight operational issues. NLR provides additional analysis capabilities and operational expertise which can help you to get better information on the safety performance and understanding of risks in your flight operations.

  • Over 15 years of experience in flight data analysis and Flight Data Monitoring.
  • Capabilities to collect, process and store flight data, and to fuse flight data with other data sources such as weather or airport data for an integrated analysis.
  • Customizable analytics of flight- and safety data. Varying from statistical analysis of the results to detailed flight data analysis using advanced data processing algorithms.
  • Analytics combined with a thorough understanding of the aircraft systems and operations, which provides meaningful context to the flight data analysis and the interpretation of results.

We offer the following services:

  • Technical support and advanced analysis for FDM in case an operator needs to better understand or solve complex flight operational issues.
  • Support with flight data analysis that goes a step further than the Flight Data Monitoring software applications.
  • Conducting flight data analysis in support of safety studies and risk assessments.
  • Tailor-made organizational advice for implementing and running an FDM program.
  • Airline fuel efficiency support, including fuel consumption analysis based on flight data.

 Track record

We have supported various clients with flight data analysis, for example the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority, the Federal Aviation Authorities FAA  and airlines.

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