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  • Safety and compatibility assessment of mixed VFR/IFR air traffic operations
  • Assessment of aircraft operations in strong wind conditions
  • Performance analysis for you airport concerning take-offs or missed approaches, including N-1 procedures
  • Collision risk assessment for proposed RNAV/visual approach procedures for your airport
  • Flight technical validation of instrument flight procedures

Safety management and the organisational aspects thereof are clearly very important with respect to the actual safety performance. Nevertheless, one should be aware that the final step in the safety chain concerns the actual flight operation: that is where all concerted safety actions should result in the practical achievement of a safe flight. For this reason it is essential that new or modified systems and flight procedures are carefully analysed concerning operational safety and flight technical aspects, before being introduced.

Based on its operational and flight technical expertise, NLRs Safety Institute has been involved in a broad range of assessments, varying from airport operations to air navigation procedure design.

Some of our customers are Geneva airport, Reykjavik airport, Zurich airport, Teuge airport, Frankfurt/Main airport, Lelystad airport and the Knowlegde Development Centre of Mainport Schiphol.

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