Do you need
What we have
  • Support with the development and/or management of qualification processes for the procurement, qualification or certification of new rotorcraft or modifications of rotorcraft?
  • Advice on the applicability and tailoring of regulations, specifications and procedures?
  • Support with the execution of compliance demonstration activities?
  • Support with the monitoring of compliance demonstration activities performed by other parties and independent verification of related substantiation documents?
  • Wide knowledge of:
    • rotorcraft behaviour and its typical systems, and structural and dynamic properties;
    • both civil and military airworthiness specifications and performance standards, and of both civil and military rotorcraft flight operations.
  • Experience with:
    • developing substantiation methodologies for compliance demonstration in areas such as safety assessment, static, dynamic and fatigue strength, crash resistance, bird strike, flight in icing conditions and environmental conditions, EMI/EMC/HIRF, effects of lightning.
    • the management and/or execution of compliance demonstration activities, such as analysis, laboratory tests (at our own facilities or at facilities of other companies) and helicopter ground and flight tests.
    • supporting both civil and military operators, materiel procurement and management organizations, and civil and military aviation authorities.
  • Compliance Verification Engineers (CVEs) capable of operating under a Part 21 or similar design organization.

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