EBT Global Review 2020

EBT Global Review 2020

By responding to our survey, some 600 training managers, pilots, instructors and regulators from 65 countries have contributed to the first ever Global EBT Review. Their answers together paint a detailed picture of the adoption of – and experience with EBT worldwide. The review thus provides a unique and ideal vantage point to take stock of the position and development of EBT in the training landscape.

This 45+ page report includes:

  • Global adoption rates of EBT
  • Best practices and pitfalls in EBT implementation and training
  • Benefits and experiences of EBT operators
  • Perspectives from three global leaders in aviation training

With this 2020 Global EBT Review, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) wants to provide a platform for sharing and learning from experiences, challenges and perspectives in EBT adoption by operators and regulators across the industry. We hope the review will contribute to the further development in the quality, resilience and professionalism of pilots, and drive innovation in training.

If you have any questions about this review, about EBT experiences or about aviation training and its future – reach out to the NLR EBT Team. We are here to help the industry innovate for the better.

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