Evidence Based Training

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Evidence Based Training

The future of the the professional pilot has been our concern for 100 years, and EBT is the next evolution.
We’re here to make it the best it can be. For you. And for your pilots.

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We can help organise getting started with EBT, or help get more out of your programme if you are already running EBT. We offer light, low-cost support to drive informed decision making, and choose the right strategy to implement (or evolve) your EBT program.

Programme Evolution

Whether you transition from legacy or A(T)QP, we can help your EBT team in the next transition to principles, mixed- or baseline EBT. Our workshops are geared to clear a path for you and make implementation a success for all.

Instructor Training & Concordance

Empower you instructors with the CBTA kickstart they deserve. Our courses engage your instructors to be effective within EBT, and we help you maintain that quality with world-class standardization & concordance (ICAP) training.

Software & Analytics Solutions

In partnership with Use Before Flight (UBF) Quantum, we offer the only training software suite build on the principles of EBT. With analytics powered by decades of R&D and assessment tools build around CBTA best-practices, our software and analytics work for you, not the other way around.

Inspector Training and Oversight Guidance

As an NAA it is more than ever important to be able to ask you EBT operators the right questions. Empower your inspectors with training, insights and oversight techniques that allow EBT programs to truly develop resilience and improve air safety.