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Is it possible to improve pilot resilience and operational safety, without increasing the volume of training? Evidence Based Training (EBT) can do just that. The EBT concept has been developed to make training more relevant to flight operations and improve pilot resiliency by means of competency training. EBT generates competency data and uses this data to adapt pilots’ recurrent training to focus on actual competency training needs. In this way, EBT provides an elegant framework to continuously improve pilot core competencies. Furthermore, as a performance based training programme, EBT also allows operators to reduce their training footprint as long as equivalent levels of safety can be demonstrated. As of 2021, EASA has regulations in place to fully support EBT programmes and associated alleviations.

How NLR can support you with our EBT courses and workshops

Royal NLR’s EBT mission  is to assist operators and authorities in achieving reliable pilot development programmes while ensuring effective and efficient pilot development. We offer a wide selection of specific courses and workshops that support initial (Mixed-)EBT implementation, enhancing and reinforcing EBT programmes while maintaining effective EBT oversight.

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