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Ted Slijkerman

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Our vision of military training is founded on competency-based and performance-based training (PBT) concepts using integration and interoperability of live, virtual and constructive elements. Our approach focuses on a thorough process of analysis, design, development and implementation with the client. Our staff have detailed knowledge of training, simulation, human behavioural assessment and regulations for military forces. This knowledge is combined with applied technical research and development in simulation. NLR actively develops innovative training technologies and training media. These capabilities and our in-house research infrastructure ensure that NLR can oversee the entire spectrum and stay on top and ahead of new developments and innovations in military training and simulation.

Results include interconnected tactical simulators for fighter pilots, training needs analysis and competency-based training redesign for helicopter crews and the development of new concepts and doctrines for fifth-generation air forces. Overall, this provides our clients with an optimum blend of live and (low, medium and high-fidelity) simulator training for our clients. This offers you the best possible service and advice.