Which services does the facility offer

The Structures mechanical and environmental testing facilities offer inspection, testing, characterization and failure analysis capabilities at material, coupon, component and full-scale test article level.

The test scope covers standardized tests, material qualification, certification tests, or tests made fit for your purposes. The tests can be of mechanical or environmental nature. NLR can provide support in designing the test set-up, instrumenting and manufacturing of a test article.

Static creep testing can be performed upto 2000 kN loading. Multi axis dynamic testing can be conducted up to 5 kHz with upto 1600 kN loading on test articles sized 3 m. Testing of materials and systems under various environmental conditions can cover high/low temperature, humidity, salt spray, decompression, altitude, waterproofness, vibration, shock and acoustics. The capabilities are complemented by material failure and corrosion analyses and state-of-the-art non-destructive inspection techniques.

Who can benefit from these services

Aircraft component suppliers, space agencies, space companies and aircraft operators.

How to get access to the facility

You can get access to the specific facility through an agreement with NLR. You will find the contact info on the right.

Detailed description of the facility

For more detailed information on the facilities consult NLR’s testing and evaluation catalog.