Do you need
What we have
  • to prepare your RPAS and/or autopilot for certification
  • support and advice for your RPAS/UAS system integration
  • assistance in the design and prototyping of your RPAS/UAS
  • a RPAS/UAS as a test platform for your (sensor) equipment
  • to develop sensors and systems for RPAS/UAS
  • to perform EMC, ESD, vibration or shock tests on your RPAS/UAS
  • to conduct RPAS/UAS sensor calibration on IMU, airspeed, altitude or other sensor
  • over 50 years of experience in flight testing and system integration
  • two fixed wing RPAS/UAS to perform test flights
  • extensive experience in designing and creating airworthy electronics and cabling
  • a hardware in the loop system for developing and testing your RPAS/UAS software
  • a test facility for EMC, ESD, vibration and shock testing for RPAS/UAS
  • a test and calibration facility for RPAS/UAS sensors like IMU, airspeed or altitude

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