Do you need
What we have
  • To develop and evaluate Detect & Avoid technology for use in RPA vehicles
  • To develop and test RPAS datalink technology
  • Assess your RPAS sensor performance in the real world
  • A surrogate RPAS platform operating in different type of airspace classes
  • An intruder aircraft for testing and demonstrating your Detect & Avoid technology
  • Life ADS-B and EO sensor data
  • Gathering sensor data (including TCAS) to support your S&A system algorithm development
  • Support in real RPAS flight scenario development
  • More than 50 years of experience in operational flight testing
  • A Cessna Citation II research aircraft for use as surrogate RPAS platform
  • A high qualified aircraft maintenance & modification team to support installation of experimental RPAS equipment and aircraft modifications
  • A skilful instrumentation design team to support the whole design and certification process of any experimental RPAS
  • Profound understanding of RPAS flight operations
  • Expertise to certify your RPAS technology for airworthiness
  • Datalink equipment

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