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  • A RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, also called drone) Operator Certificate for commercial RPAS operations in the Netherlands?
  • Support in writing the Operational Manual (OM) and Safety Management System (SMS)?
  • Your Operational Manual to be assessed prior to submitting it to the CAA-NL?
  • A technical assessment of your RPAS (drone) in order to get special airworthiness certificate (Speciaal Bewijs van Luchtwaardigheid, S-BvL)?

Extensive capabilities to assist you in obtaining the required documents in order to operate a RPAS in the Netherlands.

  • RPAS-pilot Theory Training – Theory training module with examination for acquiring a CAA-NL accepted NLR theory certificate required for obtaining a RPA-Licence. More…
  • Operational Manual (OM) Workshop – Goal oriented, targeted at dedicated support in setting up the Operational Manual and the Safety Management System. More…
  • Operational Manual (OM) Assessment – Perform a proof assessment, based on defined criteria, of the Operational Manual (prior to the CAA-NL assessment). More…
  • RPAS Technical Assessment – Perform an individual Technical Assessment of a RPAS required for obtaining a special airworthiness certificate. More…
  • RPAS-pilot Practical Training – Practical training with examinations for acquiring a CAA-NL accepted NLR practical certificate required for obtaining a RPA-Licence. More…

Since July 1, 2015, legislation is in force to regulate the commercial operation of RPAS in the Netherlands. This requires the RPAS operator to obtain a RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC) from the CAA-NL (Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.). In order to get this certificate the applicant must have a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Licence (RPA-L). Since NLR is an accredited Registered Training Facility (RTF) by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment we can provide you with the necessary training for this licence.

Official information regarding this can be found at the website: Veilig vliegen met drones (in Dutch only).

The website of the Environment and Transport Inspectorate provides more in detail the constraints and regulatory framework for operating a RPAS. Please refer to the web page: Drones (RPAS) (in Dutch only).

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