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What we have

With the RPAS-pilot Theory Training together with a completed RPAS-pilot Practical Training a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Licence (RPA-L) can be obtained.

Since NLR is a Registered Training Facility (RTF) that is accredited in the Netherlands by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment we can offer RPAS-pilot Theory Training.

The NLR RPAS-pilot Theory Training

  • Consists of 3 days in which all legally required subjects are taught and include a returning session for the examinations
  • Includes the follow theory subjects: RPAS General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Performance and Planning, Air Law, Meteorology, Human Factor, Navigation, Operational Procedures and Flight Preparation
  • Provides, after positive completion of all examinations, a NLR theory certificate that is accepted by the CAA-NL as part of the required documents for obtaining a RPA-L
  • Is given at the NLR facilities in Amsterdam
  • Costs € 1700,- per person (excluding VAT)
  • These costs may be deductible for your income tax (country dependent)

In case of a need to follow only the flight preparation subject, this can be taken as separate module (theory and exams). This module costs €425,- per person (excluding VAT).

To register for a RPAS-Pilot Theory Training please visit the Events calendar (in Dutch).