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What we have

Proof assessment of the Operational Manual, based on established criteria by the CAA-NL.

The Operational Manual (OM) defines who is responsible for the operations, the way how the company will deploy the aircraft and which rules and procedures are applied. This includes a description of the RPAS. The Safety Management System (SMS) defines how to deal with the reporting of incidents and accidents, and in which the employees are stimulated to report safety related events (without retaliatory measures).

The proof assessment of the Operational Manual

  • Consists of an assessment, based on criteria issued by the CAA-NL
  • Results in a written recommendation to efficiently improve your Operational Manual
  • Accelerates the process for acquiring a RPAS Operator Certificate at CAA-NL
  • Costs € 850,- (excluding VAT)

The CAA-NL criteria for the Operational Manual can be downloaded below.

Registration for the Operational Manual assessment can be done by sending an e-mail to dronecentre@nlr.nl, with the application form attached.