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What we have

With the RPAS-pilot Practical Training together with a completed RPAS-pilot Theory Training a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Licence (RPA-L) can be obtained.

Since NLR is a Registered Training Facility (RTF) that is accredited in the Netherlands by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment we can offer RPAS-pilot Practical Training. The training comprises the safe operation and control of a RPAS and correct act in case of emergencies. The legislation distinguishes between RPAS type (H) for Helicopters and Multi-Rotor, (A) for fixed wing Aircraft, and (OA) for Other Aircraft configurations. Also a distinction is made in weight classes: 0 to 25 kg and 25 to 150 kg.
All flight exercises vary in level of difficulty during the training. Furthermore, all exercises are to be flown in most manual flight mode as requested by the CAA-NL. Please notice that the RPAS will be more difficult to fly in this mode than you are used to.

The NLR RPAS pilot Practical Training

  • Consist of a first group lesson day is organized to introduce the practical training and to give an indication on level of experience
  • Consists of practical flight training in blocks in the morning or afternoon in which flight skills are trained
  • Teaches all exercises in most manual mode as required by the CAA-NL
  • Takes place at the NLR RPAS Test Center in Marknesse using NLR training RPAS
  • Takes place after successful completion of a RPAS-pilot Theory Training (including flight preparation)
  • Trains the RPAS-pilot for flights within Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS), VFR daylight, above unpopulated areas, and not above buildings
  • Will be given individually (or as requested with a maximum of two trainees) and planned in consultation with the flight instructor
  • For the time being, is provided for the following RPAS types:
    • (H): Helicopters and Multi-Rotors in the weight class 0 to 25 kg.
    • (A): Aircraft in the weight class 0 to 25 kg.
  • The examination date will be planned in mutual agreement between the student and the instructor

The costs for the first group lesson day are € 300, – (excl. VAT) and € 1150, – (excl. VAT) for every next training block. When two pilots are trained at the same time or you can provide an observer the costs are reduced to € 950, – (excl. VAT) for every training block. The examination is taken individual and costs
€ 550, – (excl VAT). These costs may be deductible for your income tax (country dependent)

We expect that the average costs for the RPAS practical training will be around € 3000,- and € 4000,- including an examination. This is strongly based on the person and it is required to follow at least the first group lesson day and one training block before examination can take place.

It is required to have successfully passed the flight preparation theory to participate the practical training. In case of a need to follow only the flight preparation subject, this can be taken as separate module (theory and exams). This module costs € 425,- per person (excluding VAT).

Registration for the RPAS-pilot Practical Training and/or flight preparation module can be done by sending an e-mail to dronecentre@nlr.nl, containing the name/names of the participant(s), the billing address, if required an invoice reference, and as attachment the certificate of a RPAS-pilot Theory Training.