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What we have

With the Operational Manual workshop, you will be provided with support in drafting the Operational Manual (OM) and the Safety Management System (SMS), targeted at your specific operations.

The Operational Manual defines who is responsible for the operations, the way how the company will deploy the aircraft and which rules and procedures are applied. This includes a description of the RPAS. The Safety Management System (SMS) defines how to deal with the reporting of incidents and accidents, and in which employees are stimulated to report safety related events (without retaliatory measures).

The Operational Manual Workshop

  • Includes 1 day instruction and review of the first version of your Operational Manual
  • Covers the specific content of an Operational Manual for the required RPAS application(s) and the required Safety Management System
  • Includes explanation on the content of compulsory elements
  • Is provided individually for every (candidate) Operator, so that your situation and operational needs can be specifically addressed
  • Costs € 1500,- (excluding VAT)

Registration for the workshop can be done by sending an e-mail to dronecentre@nlr.nl, containing the name/names of the participant(s), the billing address, and if required an invoice reference.