Do you need
What we have
  • to enhance the performance (envelope) and flight characteristics of your unmanned helicopter (also referred to as RPAS, Remotely Piloted Aircraft System)?
  • advice on sustainable and efficient operation of your rotorcraft RPAS?
  • feasibility studies on a new type of unmanned helicopter and assistance during the design and construction phase or, for manufacturers, support in obtaining a type certificate for your rotorcraft RPAS?

More than two decades of experience in various areas of RPAS research. We can combine this with nearly a century of experience in the field of manned rotorcraft, which creates unique capabilities. NLR is accredited by the CAA-NL to perform RPAS technical assessments, resulting in experience with state of the art RPAS systems. Furthermore due to our test facility at the Netherland RPAS Test Centre (NRTC) we can offer a variety of testing programs to support you in bringing your rotorcraft RPAS (operations) to a higher level.

Our rotorcraft RPAS R&D capabilities include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Rotor blade and component design and optimisation
  • Structure and endurance testing
  • Autopilot development and testing
  • Development of flight procedures
  • Airframe and component design
  • Certification
  • Calibration tests
  • EMC tests
  • Flight simulations
  • Maintenance optimization
  • EUROCAE WG-73, WG-93 activities

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