Do you need
What we have
  • Predictable operations to enable planning systems
  • Report on runway use towards communities and government
  • Decision support for controllers on runway allocations
  • Adherence to the Preferential Runway System, but explanation when this is not possible (weather or traffic related)
  • Capacity forecasting to assist the CDM planning tools

A software suite that can be tailored for the operation at each airfield and that will assist in making the complex decision on runway allocation. The suite provides support to controllers in the tower and at APP for making the runway allocation decision based on all relevant parameters such as weather and traffic density. The suite provides registration and the controllers will be able to motivate their choice when the preferential runway system is not used for any reason. A welcome feature is the 24-hour forecasting of runway use so that controllers will be able to anticipate a runway configuration change. Support to determine this at an accuracy of just a few minutes can be given.

One separate feature is the reporting on runway use that can be provided to communities and government, based on all relevant parameters and according to the controller’s decisions. This will help in understanding runway use in communities around the airport.

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